As GOD has proven himself to me over and over and over again, it is certainly to the point that who he is and what he does cannot be ignored. From time to time I look back over my life and at some of the things that I have done, I am mindful and come to the realization of exactly who I am….”An Undeserving Wretch”. However, I am so glad that GOD is a GOD of second chances and he has never turned his back on me even when my so called friends did. He was there through all of my trials and tribulations, my ups and my downs, my good days and my bad days and I am just so grateful. GOD saved me from myself over and over again and I am committed to following him. It took me long enough to realize and to truly see the REAL picture. Salvation is guranteed to each of us. It’s already paid for with his blood. We only need to confess with our mouths that GOD is Lord and that He lives for he lives within each of us.
Joseph “Shogun” Parham, Founder

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