Church on The Move
Church doesn’t just happen when we’re sitting in the pew. Church happens
when we reach out to those who are hungry, sick, or forgotten.

I found this to be an interesting saying. So many times I have been
confronted by individuals saying to me, “You need to come to my church.” It
becomes almost funny to say to them I am already in the only Church (notice
this is spelled with a capital letter. Astonishing how man has taken
ownership of a church. In being in the Church Christ said Go. Yet in a
church the leaders says come and sit. Christ said go and carry the love and
knowledge of God to a sin sick world. Yet the leaders of a church says come
and receive the knowledge that I have for you. I am not knocking teachers
and congregational leaders yet something is being lost in the message. Go
into all nations teaching and baptizing in the name of the Father, the Son
and the Holy Spirit that is the Christian instruction. This is God’s delight
and plan to bring His created back into a garden of everlasting salvation.
Come and sit, tell your neighbor what thus says the speaker, lose yourself
in by laws and gain a second hand understanding of the Bible and you will be
in good standing with man and on a slippery slope with God. This is a good
time to ask, What is the Church? There is only ONE! The Church is Holy, The
Church is built on unchanging Truth. The Church has no visible boundaries.
The Church does not have as its head a flesh and bone man. The
Church is a body of devoted, obedient believers who are servants of the Most
High God. The Church is built on a rock of Faith and Divine insight. The
Church is the place Christ prayed for in John 17. This is a Church of power
in which all are in one accord, one mind, one hope, one faith, one God.
Check your place and see if you are in the Church and moving along the path
of God’s plan for your Salvation or are you in a place where tradition and
the favor of man has sent you astray. To be the Church is a verb that
requires the action of service. To go to church takes you to a place to sit
and wait for that which you had when you arrived only instead of hearing the
Voice and Will of God you sit hungering for the word of a man. When you go
to church to hear the message or to hear the music. When the last song is
song and the message is done you will have received what you came to
receive. When you are in the Church service and worship fills your life and
once you have dined on the Word of God You will hunger no more and seek no
lesser food. Oh taste the Lord for He is good. Do me a favor now and next
week, next month, next year ok you got it!! Now back to that favor please
try more to be the Church than to just be content to go to a church.
Can you receive that??

jesus2(it is finished)

Bond Servants
Paul, a (bondservant) of Christ Jesus, called as an Apostle. (Romans 1:1, NAS)

Paul knew exactly what he was called to be. Do you have any idea what your calling is? When Paul called himself a “bondservant,” he was referring to one who served his
master faithfully for six years. However, in the seventh year, the Law said that he had
to be set free. Ultimately the time came when he was released, he turned back and said, “Master, I’m not serving you because I have to; I’m serving you because I want to,” then the master took him before a judge and pierced his ear, signifying that he belonged to him forever (Exodus 21:6). Sometimes we just need to look up and say, “Lord, I’m not serving You because I have to; I’m serving You because I love You. Pierce my ear, Lord. Mark me as Yours. Bond me together with You so I can never belong to another.” When ministry loses its passion, it becomes an empty profession.

The very word “minister” is a verb, not a noun—it’s what you do, not what you claim to be. The word “servant” also referred to a third-level galley slave chained to the oar of a Roman ship. Day and night he rowed to the beat of another and whether he was in battle or in merchant service, he expected to die chained to that oar, What a picture! “And so, dear beloved brothers and sisters, it is our prayers and a plead with each of you that you give your bodies to God. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice-the kind he will gladly accept.”

When you think of what He has done for you, is it too much to ask?

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