“All Praises Be to GOD & 2 GOD Be The Glory”

As we have collectively come together as the Cross Bearers Motorcycle Ministry to confess our joy for motorcycle riding and meeting others we wish to also proclaim that we recognize Christ as our personal Savior. We vow to do his will while traveling to and FRO on our 2’s being ever mindful that “all of our Strength, Support and our Salvation” comes from and through the True and Living GOD. “For GOD We Ride, His Son By Our Side, His Holy Spirit As Our Guide”…CROSS BEARERS ROLL OUT!!!



As GOD has proven himself to me over and over and over again, it is certainly to the point that who he is and what he does cannot be ignored. From time to time I look back over my life and at some of the things that I have done, I am mindful and come to the realization of exactly who I am….”An Undeserving Wretch”. However, I am so glad that GOD is a GOD of second chances and he has never turned his back on me even when my so called friends did. He was there through all of my trials and tribulations, my ups and my downs, my good days and my bad days and I am just so grateful. GOD saved me from myself over and over again and I am committed to following him. It took me long enough to realize and to truly see the REAL picture. Salvation is guranteed to each of us. It’s already paid for with his blood. We only need to confess with our mouths that GOD is Lord and that He lives for he lives within each of us.
Joseph “Shogun” Parham, Founder


Whosoever doth not bear his cross and come after me, cannot be my disciple.(Luke 14:27)

These are the words of Jesus the Christ sent to save His people. The charge of Immanuel Who is God with us to give us power of unconditional love and eternal life. As part of our witness, our individual ministry, we must be cross bearers. We are our brothers keeper, we are lovers of those who would use and abuse us…our enemies. We are respecters of the family of God, our families and all people. We are the people called by the name of Christ…”Christians”. Our needs are met even before we ask. We can do all things through Christ Who strenghtens us. We can be healed, we can be comforted. We can be made complete. We can live knowing we will never be left alone or forsaken…Yes all of this is possible, but… yes “BUT” meaning there is a condition. Jesus provided enlightenment with focus on the cross. Each of us must commit to put other things behind us. We must free up our load carrying ability by dropping the things we are holding up in this world and pick up the Cross of Christ. If we don’t commit and take the responsibilities of service to man and a path to Salvation; we can not really declare ourselves as Cross Bearers!
Minister Larry “Phu Watt” Watson, President